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Whitepaper last updated: March 7th, 2022.
Vanguards is a collection of 5,000 Japanese-inspired Solana NFTs set in the distant future, where humanity is locked in a bitter civil war! Vanguards will be encompassed by engaging storylines, animations and detailed concept art to bring you an immersive futuristic battlefield.
The Vanguards universe consists of two opposing factions, the Hideo and Akukin. These factions have built legions of war machines to defend their home worlds, and it’s to you to decide who you are fighting for.
As the Civil War rages throughout the solar system, you must be ready at any moment! Lead your side to victory and help them protect what is rightfully theirs!
With 370+ unique traits available, Vanguards is set to be one of the largest and most dynamic projects built on Solana. Alongside it’s meticulously designed artwork, Vanguards is supported by an extremely robust and innovative technical team that is poised to set the new benchmark for Solana NFTs.
The evolution roadmap of the Vanguards collection will take you on a journey as a Vanguard Soldier, who will train, earn rewards, upgrade their kit and engage in battle.
Dive into the most futuristic and detail oriented world on Solana!

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What you need to know: Full Release: 8/3/2022 @ 8PM UTC
Total Supply: 5,000 Vanguards (5000 Hideo & 5000 Akukin)
Launch Site: Magic Eden Launchpad
Price: 1.6 SOL
Resale Royalties: 8%
Utility: Fusion, Staking, GuardDAO, Battle Grounds, Hyper Deflationary NFT

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