The Roadmap at a glance

Vanguards will launch with a Banner Tool and Staking.
Available upon launch - The Vanguards ‘Banner Tool’ will allow you to select your favourite war machine from your wallet and display it as your twitter banner. Three banners will be made available to each Faction, choose your favourite and make your very own Twitter banner to show off your soldier!
Available shortly after launch - Individuals may stake Vanguards and completing missions will earn you $GUARD rewards that can be used to purchase weapon or armour attachments, loot-boxes, or various cosmetic upgrades like skins and weapon effects.
The $GUARD token will also be supported by a liquidity pool with a real world value.
The Fusion Chamber will be used to evolve your Vanguard and create your dream war machine, as well as creating a hyper deflationary NFT mechanism.
Fusion will be the key part of the Vanguard Evolution Project, and the ever-evolving nature of your Vanguard will mean you’re never down and out!
With 370+ traits, The sky's the limit for Vanguards. Continually evolve your Vanguard and experiment with new parts and create new combinations of elite soldiers to prepare for missions & battle.
As the Civil War rages throughout the solar system, you must be ready at any moment! Take to the skies, and strike fear into the heart of your enemies!
The factions will fight against each other, where winners will walk away with trophies of war while the losing side will suffer casualties.
May the strongest survive.

The Project Roadmap:


We will create strategic partnerships with distinguished personalities and projects within the Solana NFT community to innovate, expand, develop and promote the Vanguards collection.
Community Events:
Build the most engaged community possible, by rewarding our holders with exciting events, constantly changing missions and getting involved with other communities.
$GUARD Token rewards as listed in the staking section here Airdrops & Auction House:
As a part of the Auction House process detailed here


Supported by an extremely advanced development team, new technology will continually be explored to add value to Vanguards. Fusion will be rolled out in Q2 - Details here
Loot boxes will be rolled out during Q3 - Details here

Q3 and Onwards:

DAO: The GuardDAO will be introduced to ensure the project achieves the goals set by the project members, holders, supporters and everyone involved! Expansion of GuardDAO will take control of the project and vote to implement various functionality or decisions. Council members will also be selected based on their eminence and community involvement.
Augmented Reality:
We will bring Vanguards to life utilising Augmented Reality technology. Explore the physical world with your Vanguards team, as we introduce GLB (3D Files) to certain NFTs within the collection which will be viable utilising a mobile application in the real world.
A glance into the Vanguard world
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