The Vanguards Community

Introducing the Vanguards Community, a vibrant space for NFT Collectors.
The first point to cover - The supply of Vanguards.
In Solana’s low-supply WL meta we are often asked - "Why 5,000?"
Here's what drives our decision:
  • Community
  • Variety
  • Flexibility
  • Fusion
  • Rewards
Building a community is the most important aspect of any NFT project.
We aimed for: High level of unique holders, fairly distributed Whitelist & utility that makes sense.
Retaining a high number of holders has huge benefits when building a vibrant ecosystem such as ours.
The objective is a bot-free, evenly distributed launch - We're introducing a mint limit for whitelisted addresses to ensure everyone has a chance during the public sale.
The more people that participate in Vanguards, the better it is for everyone!
We have seen perfect examples of high-supply success with @DeGodsNFT & @DazedDucks. Their teams & communities have played a pivotal role in their meteoric rise. Do right by your 10k holders & you will be heard above everyone else. The bigger the crowd the louder they cheer!
Talking about variety we must first let's look at our traits for the 5,000 Vanguards:
Backgrounds: 34
Factions: 2
Back: 34
Legs: 20
Left Arm: 92
Right Arm: 92
Armour: 32
Helmet: 66
Total Traits: 372
6,457,693,440 unique combinations - One of the largest collections to date

Check out this tweet:

The overall supply will quickly come down due to the “burn & build” mechanics of the Fusion Chamber.
If our holders fuse once, we halve the supply in an instant!
You can’t fuse a mech without burning one. This is the beauty of Vanguard’s dynamic attribute system.

With variety, comes more flexibility.

Holding a high number of diverse Vanguards will allow you to tailor your army to achieve the greatest levels of rewards within our staking pool. Access exclusive staking pools with specific traits.
Earn $GUARD Tokens and build your army!
$GUARD tokens will be offered through various missions, as you evolve and fuse Vanguards you'll have access to additional missions which earn greater rewards! Make sure you're ready to take flight at any moment, to earn the maximum amount of $GUARD tokens available!
Do you have what it takes to represent your faction in the Warzone? Only one way to find out!
The ever-evolving nature of #Vanguards means you're never down and out - Join the fight and lead your faction to victory.
Use your utility how you want, build your dream Vanguard or design your super-soldier.
Don't like it? Change it! You want something? It's yours!