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What is Vanguards?

A little bit more about us!
Vanguards is a collection of 5,000 Japanese inspired NFTs, randomly generated to be 100% unique from any other project known today.

The basics

This Whitepaper is an overview of the Vanguard's future, the contents will be consistently updated over time as the team and the GuardDAO makes adjustments to best suit the longevity of the project. The team will always be open to feedback, which you can raise in our Discord server! Let's jump into the Whitepaper:
The Vanguards team has meticulously designed eye-catching artwork, that is supported by an extremely robust and innovative technical team that is poised to set the new benchmark for Solana NFTs.
The team at Vanguards believe that the current valuation model for the NFT market in Solana is heavily influenced by unreliable hype and influencer persuasion. We are attempting to do something different, and build a project that is 100% organic and provides some of the most innovative technology to set the new standard of Solana NFTs.
The Vanguards project will utilise evolution, through Fusion to create a reliable market allowing the seller to set the price and control supply. The initial number of traits provides a high variety of attributes, and as fusion takes ahold of the project new traits and evolutions will set your Vanguard apart from the rest of the market.
Fusion will also see certain traits burnt forever, and as holders, you're able to control certain elements of the market which will support the value of your NFTs.
The Vanguards project will enable you to create your dream war machine, or hunt unique and rare elements to fuse to increase the value of your NFTs. The $GUARD Token will be used to power the Vanguards Economy, and also be supported by a liquidity pool with a real-world value.
The cost of $GUARD for transactions, and the management of the liquidity will be controlled by the Vanguard team and the GuardDAO to stabilise the market and prevent a decreasing token valuation and maintain strength in the Vanguards collection.
Holders will earn rewards, evolve and fight with their Vanguards — The team wanted to offer the most engaging utility for the community, and the introduction of a DAO will add additional insurance that the project becomes the newest Blue Chip NFT.
We wish to have a global impact by building something unique and extraordinary! Here's what you can expect:
  • A highly engaged and diverse community
  • An incredibly large variety of traits
  • A dynamic NFT that offers flexibility of customisation
  • Fusion
  • GuardDAO
  • Staking with constantly changing missions and rewards
  • Auctions for rare traits and 1 of 1s
  • Airdrops
  • Loot Boxes
This is just the tip of the iceberg, over the next few pages we will dive into greater depth!

Creating a community!

Let's jump into the fundamentals: The Vanguards Community