Loot Boxes

The Vanguards Loot Box is a product sold in exchange for $GUARD tokens or SOL which will contain a random item.
We wanted to add one of our favourite elements of trading card games to NFTs and this project, and the adrenaline of opening a Loot Box will provide an additional form of engagement for the Vanguards Community.
A portion of the funds raised from the Loot Boxes purchased with SOL will be added to the LP of the $GUARD Token.
The first edition of the Loot Box will be made available to Vanguards holders in Q3.
The first series will be entirely NFT based, such as attributes, cosmetics or additional Vanguards.
In the future, the Vanguards team plans on auctioning off physical Loot Boxes to create a physical marketplace outside of the Crypto World.
We plan on utilising physical products to increase our marketing range, and offer collectables at a competitive price to our holders and fans of the project.
The details on the NFT and Physical Loot Boxes will emerge as we get closer to the launch date.
Check out this super rare 1 of 1 Vanguards which will be made available through the Loot Boxes!