Battle Grounds

The Battle Grounds are Phase 3 of the roadmap!
As the Civil War rages throughout the solar system, you must be ready at any moment!
Take to the skies, and strike fear into the heart of your enemies!
The Vanguards team will be implementing a fighting system where deployments will last one week, and will be exclusively based on your Vanguards! The BattleGrounds will be offered as a staking pool, which upon conclusion a winning faction will be announced. Enter the BattleGrounds staking pool, and you'll be locked in the pool for one week and have the ability to earn additional $GUARD Tokens and more:
The winning team will be able to choose whether or not to burn the destroyed Vanguards, or claim parts you are able to salvage which will be randomly shared between the victorious team.
If you’re on the losing side and are lucky, you’ll be able to retreat unharmed, however, a high risk high reward system will be implemented and your Vanguard may be lost forever if destroyed in battle!
Vanguards that succumb and fall during battle, are ‘destroyed’.
Destroyed Vanguards can only be resurrected by spending a large amount of $GUARD tokens to rebuild your suit from scratch or by collecting parts from other fallen Vanguards.
Three fallen Vanguards may be combined to resurrect and create a Pure Vanguard.
The fights risk and rewards will be constantly changing, these battles are not for the faint of heart but the treasures and pride are worth risking your life!
Hideo ready for battle!