Fusion is Phase 2 of the roadmap!
The Fusion Chamber will be used to evolve your Vanguard and create your dream war machine.
Our dynamic attribute system will be a major difference when comparing Vanguards to other full-body NFTs.
The Vanguards team are building a ‘build and burn’ method, where holders will be able to forge new Vanguards by mixing existing combinations. Your custom war machine will emerge from the fusion chamber once complete!
Vanguards will then have the ability to enter the Fusion Chamber, and continually experiment with new parts and create new combinations of elite soldiers to prepare for missions & battle.
The objective of $GUARD is to utilise the Vanguards Economy, build out and evolve utilising the Fusion Chamber for additional staking rewards.
Fusion will be the key part of the Vanguard Evolution Project, and the ever evolving nature of your Vanguard will mean you’re never down and out!
  • Hyper deflationary NFT due to our burning mechanism.
  • Same-Faction Fusion will be used to choose your favourite parts, and merge your Vanguards to create your war machine!
  • Parts can be received or bought via staking, airdrops, fusion chamber, part store or in the fighting platform.
  • There is no limit on the number of evolutions or fusions you may complete with your Vanguard, the missions will continually change and therefore, so should your fleet.
Each Vanguard soldier will have a class which will go towards their mission eligibility:
  • Original: Vanguards/Unchanged Vanguards
  • Ultras: Vanguards of the same clan that have been fused together to create a new breed of soldier (2x $GUARD Rewards)
  • Colossals:Three Vanguard Pures of the same clan that have been fused together to create the strongest soldier. (3.5x $GUARD Rewards)
Class will be represented by a ‘badge’ on your Vanguard!

The Vanguards Deflationary Model:

  • 5,000 Vanguards becomes.... 2,500 Vanguards after one round of Fusion.
  • 2,500 Vanguards becomes 1,250 Vanguards after two rounds of Fusion.
  • 1,250 Vanguards becomes 625 Vanguards after three rounds of Fusion.
This paints a picture of how the Vanguards collection will consistently raise in value, and holders or evolved models will earn greater rewards as the number of participants in the staking pools will decrease.
$GUARD tokens will be returned to the Treasury, in addition to the burning of Vanguards NFTs through the Fusion Chamber, this will decrease the public supply of both the Token and NFT. The consistently decreasing supply will enable the team and Vanguards DAO to maintain liquidity, and increase the earnings per Vanguard NFT that is staked.

Future Features & Enhancements:

  • Forge multiple Vanguards together to create super soldiers, choosing between parts to fit your specifications.
  • Achieve advanced tiers and classes through specific enhancements enabling users to access exclusive staking pools.