Introducing the $GUARD Token, the currency of the Vanguards collection.
Available instantly after you mint a Vanguard!

Introducing $GUARD

$GUARD is the currency for the Vanguard ecosystem. Vanguards goal is to create a fully-fledged virtual economy using the $GUARD token. Tokens will be rewarded to Vanguard holders through staking Vanguard NFTs.
$GUARD is the currency that will support the Vanguards world & economy: The $GUARD token will be used to acquire new traits, such as weapons, armour and other cosmetics along with accessing the Fusion Chamber and purchasing loot boxes.
$GUARD will be supported by a liquidity pool, providing real world value to the token!
Our staking platform will be ready to deploy upon launch of the Vanguard project.
All Vanguards are apart of our Staking roadmap, by participating in missions you'll be able to earn rewards and use these rewards to create brand new/custom NFTs from a selection of traits.
The team wanted to bring something new and exciting to the world of NFTs, The staking pools will be forever changing as we bring new missions and events to the community which will offer exciting and engaging interaction with the project as well as increased rewards. There will be an element of strategy involved in the staking process. Holders will be able to choose between various options; you may opt to lock your Vanguard in a staking pool to increase rewards, or have quick access to your Vanguard to purchase items and enter the fusion chamber.

Initial Airdrop:

The Initial release of 10,000,000 airdropped evenly among the 5,000 Vanguards Minted 7 days after mint - The details of the holder snapshot will be posted in Discord!
Those who mint, and hold for 7 days will receive the initial distribution of $GUARD Tokens.
Airdrop per NFT: 10,000,000 / Number of Vanguards minted.

Staking Release date: March 8th