Twitter Banners

Customisable Twitter banners to flex your mech.
Available instantly after you mint a Vanguard!

The Banner Tool!

Let's chat about one of our more exciting features, the Banner Tool!
Vanguards being a "full-body" NFT project has huge advantages when comparing existing "profile-picture" projects, but our team is looking to widen the gap even further!
Once complete, our Banner Tool will allow you to select your favourite war machine from your wallet and displayed it on a banner sized image (1500px x 500px) perfect for Twitter!
Our program will fetch the appropriate metadata from your Vanguard NFT, enabling you to rebuild it on one of our pre-made images where it can be saved onto your desktop.
Each faction will initially have 3 banners to choose from, made by our very own "God the Creator", Vlad.
As Vanguards evolves and the lore progresses, new landscapes and environments can be earnt through staking, battles, missions, airdrops or via the store using the $GUARD SPL token.
With the addition of "fusion", you will have the ability to build the ultimate mech and display it across your social accounts! Flex your Mech!